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Types of inhalers

September 12 2014

The human body all their lives to repel the attacks of the alien virusc, sometimes giving up the slack and putting themselves at risk for any disease. The most common of all human diseases are probably the various forms of respiratory viral infections (RVI) affecting the upper airways (nasopharynx, lung). For more effective therapy of certain types and stages of disease (e.g., Bronchitis) requires more accurate, spot delivery of drugs to the affected area. Quite often, in this case, using special devices -. Any type of inhaler fulfills an important function - drug delivery (in gaseous form) directly to the airways. Naturally, in each impact zone tonkretnom case is different, so you should consider the type and specifications of a particular inhaler to count on the positive effects of its application. Today, there are three basic types of inhalers other than the principal method of drug delivery to the respiratory tract:

- Steam Inhaler . is a reservoir with an inhalation tube, which contains the hot aqueous solution (herbs or oils) at a temperature of about 60 degrees, which pairs have to breathe for a while. This inhaler is used in physical therapy and prophylactic purposes, asin dosage forms generally disintegrate at temperatures;
- ultrasonic nebulizer (nebulizer). To generate the aerosol cloud, the solution was passed through an ultrasonic wave (pezoellement specific heats). Also used in physical therapy purposes due to the presence of increased temperature of the solution;
- compressor inhaler (nebulizer). This type of inhaler is applicable for medicinal purposes since, for generating an aerosol compressed air is used. Consequently, there is no temperature limits for the use of drugs (antiseptics, antibiotics, hormones, and other bronchodilators).

Governto Local choice of inhaler must take into account the form and stage of the disease, and the obligatory consultation with a physician in order to prevent undesirable consequences and strengthen effekt.Ingalyatory

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