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Another fifteen or twenty years ago, when society has not yet been so absorbed in the Internet, the issue ofhow to give birth was not, as such. He was not on the agenda, as most people did not have free access to the required information (at least in the minimum volume), and the right to choose, in fact, was not there. Only with the fall of the Iron Curtain, the development of democratic institutions and the total spread of the Internet in modern wellnschin (or more correctly be expressed - couples) have the opportunity to influence the birth of the child, including the choice of medical structure and mode of delivery. For the uninformed people who believe that a child is born in the delivery room can be traditionally open secret: types of labor (ie, the method and the conditions in which the baby onis born), there are about six (main). Look for all, and we will try to announce key.

In the first place, given the conditions in which the accounts give birth, then all generations can be divided into two major groups: a hospital birth and birth outside the hospital. Most of all species of the genera (five of six majors) is carried out in a hospital, where have all the necessary equipment, facilities and personnel. This group includes:

- Traditional birth . Childbirth, during which the woman is in a horizontal or near position. The most common variant, but also very controversial dueinconvenience and passive role of women in the process;
- Caesarean section. This is surgery to retrieve the child, which is held only in extreme recommended by a doctor cases (development of complications of traditional or other method of delivery, malposition, physiological impossibility of having a healthy baby);
- Vertical birth . Childbirth, during which a woman in labor takes the vertical (or near) the position of a special bed with legs bent and spread apart legs. Less painful, fastest way, but the appearance of deeper causes breaks in the process;
- Birth in water . Combination methodthe first steps of which take place in the warm pool, which helps to quench the pain of mother and child to better adapt;
- Affiliate birth . This birth, during which close to giving birth present her partner - the future father. In fact, any kind of delivery (except for caesarean section) can be carried out as a partnership.

Well, the second group of labor, carry this kind of labor, as a home birth - labor, which takes place not in the delivery room, and in the home environment. This allows the woman to distance themselves from an unusual situation, and allow your child to feel immediately contact with "home" microorganisms. View childbirth pretty dangerous iftake into account the risk of complications or violations of labor.

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