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Swiss-German company LIEBHERR fairly well known in the worldmechanical engineering. During his more than half-century history, LIEBHERR grown to global corporations, uniting more than 130 small companies with a staff of 35,000 employees. The company is one of the leaders in the world with the launch of the construction and the associated technology - mobile cranes and tower cranes, dumpers, loaders and other. Nevertheless ite, LIEBHERR not graze the rear and at a household level - in the production of small refrigeration equipment - freezers and refrigerators. Refrigerators are generally of very high quality, made for premium. On the market, have different sizes (from small to large) and implemented in a variety of form factors (single and dvuhkamer, SPECIAL recessed, free-standing). Refrigerators LIEBHERR produced in one of the three plants of the company (in Ochsenhausen, Lienz and Marica), at what each of them produces a well-defined range. Regardless of the amount, which, incidentally, is in the range 100-450 l structural embodiment, used in refrigerators LIEBHERR laneedovye and special energy-saving technology, which is understandable, given the premium segment. Refrigerators consume minimum power (with class A ++), eco-friendly. These refrigerators, depending on the model, using the latest technology: BioFresh (long-term storage products), SmartFrost (reduced production of frost and Namrzaniya on the wall), NoFrost (freezing cold air prevents the formation of freezing). Whichever of refrigerators you choose, it is always, over the years to be very reliable and faithfully serve.

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