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Online Strategy 2014

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The number of fans of computer games around the world is growing, in fact,every minute. This much "spillover" effect of technological progress and rampant computerization of society, in almost all spheres of life. Now that the children are not interested was to drive the ball in the stadium - you can not leave the house to plunge into the fascinating world of football and other sports simulation. The same applies to other areas, asGames diverse topics, including sports, games, tactical and strategic options. In general, to start the game, it must be installed on the PC, and before that either buy or download. The process is, in principle, quite troublesome, but the spread and development of the Internet has allowed to eliminate this step and look at the issue with MULTIko other. Fans of such a pastime that have access to high speed internet, will be interesting genre of games in an online format, especially large widespread online strategy. This is a great opportunity to spend time developing their intelligence and mental capacity, without the need we establishof Lebanon. The most popular online strategy can be found here :. Among the most popular online strategies for 2014 are the following:

- Prime World. Is the best representative of the genre MOBA, which combines role-playing and tactical elements;

- Settlers. Best online strategy pazvitiya having a clear economic. It is important to develop the entire infrastructure of production and construction, to the military sphere;

- Might and Magic: Heroes online. Online continuation of the famous strategy series for the PC, which takes place in real time;

- Rail Nation. Online Train simulator;

- Anno Online. Another online analogue of economic strategy, where you have to learn the new lands and build their economic empire.

This is the basic, the most popular strategy, and besides them your attention will be also interesting: Forgeof Empires, My Lands, Rules of War: Nuclear Strategy, Rise of Heroes, Capitalization, Rising Cities, Travian, a large farm, Desert Operations and others.

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