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Plumbing repair

October 08 2014

The modern man only pamper society and extremely picky about the presence (or absence) of any usual amenities. By suchm in the first place include water supply system and all connected with it, to put it simply - plumbing. Unfortunately, nothing in this world is not eternal, and only plumbing, daily dealing with hard water and the pressure drops, and even more so. The most commonly used plumbing fixtures in any home is a mixer (in a bathroom or kitchen) and theenno from that he is suffering more than others. You can, of course, call the master, by the way high-quality made by the company "Kyiv Engineering Systems", and the plumber will do everything quickly and efficiently, but in the domestic water supply system of any mixer will periodically break, a purse to pay for servicesnot all of the rubber. Therefore, we propose a way out of the situation in the self-repair, the benefit of most of the problems with mixer can be removed independently, even without special education. First of all, you need to understand the design of the mixer. They are different, but are most often affected in any mixer where regulatesXia water supply. In the valve for sealing the mixer at this point meet head parts, and in the lever - ceramic cartridge. Resolve this problem in two ways - by replacing the defective item or replacement of the sealing material (if present in the design). In the case of the lever faucet, clearly require replacement BREAKtary of the cartridge (the result of which becomes a hit fine dust). This is a fairly simple procedure: it will take to remove the lever and replace the defective item. In the case with valve mixer, it all depends on the design of head parts. It is of two types: with elasticated cuffs and ceramic inserts. The first is less durable in strength andinstal lment gum, but allows you to get away from the replacement of the entire unit, is limited to replacement of rubber cuffs. The second is more durable, but is very sensitive to debris, besides if you wish to change the ceramic inserts, they still need to pick up at your model. Replacement head parts also is not something complicated. To do this, remove the valvesand unscrew the head parts, and further on the situation (or change the insert or the whole head parts). The only thing you need to remember is the fact that before reassembling the head parts, the contact surfaces should be lubricated with silicone usual. These simple tips will hopefully help you avoid unnecessary costs and become more knowledgeable in your vehicle.

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