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Dentistry. Caries.

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Every person at least once, but had such an unpleasantneck feeling like a toothache. By the force of signs and sensations, it is one of the most painful problems in the world. Daily dental clinics around the world are willing to queue and in need of assistance. While the process of life and power that we do - it's not surprising. The most common disease of the teeth and the initial stage of manycomplex cases is tooth decay. About this disease, we will tell the founder of the dental clinic « & raquo ;, Kostamed one of the best - Dr. crutches. Caries - a rather complex process that proceeds slowly (sometimes even unnoticed), and is by nature pathological processes occurring in the hard tissue of the tooth (enamel). Caries develops, due to the vast and complex effects on the enamel of adverse factors (both external and internal).

The mechanism of development of caries consists of several steps:

- point (local) tissue demineralization of enamel (inorganic);
- breach of pageCOMPACT and destruction of organic basis;
- the destruction of enamel to form cavities.

Arrange caries can be based on different criteria, but the most common is a practical and topographic classification (place and degree of manifestation):

- uncomplicated (spotlight, medium and deep caries). The peculiarity of this form (even in deep stages) is the destruction of tissue without damaging the enamel of the tooth pulp;
- complicated form (pulpitis, periodontitis). Characterized by lesions (inflammatory) pulp and periodontal lesion with possible nerve fibers.

caries treatment in uncomplicated form is reduced to remineralization and filling the cavity. In case of complications (pulpitis, periodontitis) shall also be filling, but more in-depth with the removal of the nerve endings.

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