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Who tacos endocrinologist

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The human body is a very complicated and perhapsAnd the most complex and sophisticated system in the entire universe (at least within the borders and the understanding that we have at least some idea). Of the laws of logic and technology understandable is the fact that any complex system should have an effective monitoring mechanism and regulation. In the case of the human body, likemechanism of regulation of all processes carried out by the endocrine system. It is a complex internal secretory glands that produce special substances - hormones. They have a regulatory effect on the operation of all processes in all organs. In the case where the work of one or more glands fails, there comes a hormonal etc.isbalans and hence develop the disease of the endocrine system.   In this case, will have to deal with a certified endocrinologist - a doctor whose specialty is the study and solution of problems of the endocrine system. In a nutshell: relevant when the body's metabolism is disturbed. Category of the population that has the appropriateing problems, endocrinologist can have a baby or adult specialization. Pediatric Endocrinology largely deals with the problems of the dynamic development of the organism, in particular, puberty, which in itself is accompanied by huge hormonal surges. Endocrinologists "adult category" at most deal with pathologygies and disease formed glandular system, reproductive system, diabetology, obesity etc.

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