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Acupuncture smoking

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Those who smoked for a long time, know how hard to quitit is the case. Why is this happening? The fact that, during when the smoker tries to engage with this addiction arises even more the body's need for nicotine. Through it may disturb insomnia, depression, irritability, headaches.

People who are trying to quit smoking usedifferent methods and try different ways. Some use special patches, others turn to psychologists, the third trying to quit using the method of reducing the dose, the fourth drive encoded.

Acupuncture: How It Works

In recent years, has become very popular method unconventional therapy – . Its essence is this: very thin needles are inserted into specific points on the body, activating them, you can develop an aversion to nicotine, while others are able to increase the production of endorphins, which in turn replaces the effects of smoking.

Sometimes the desire to smoke disappears already inthe procedure of acupuncture on smoking. In some cases – immediately after the first session. Many already after five or six times throw this habit. In most neglected situations require 5-6 courses with re prevention. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the effect of the method is reduced when a smoker himself does not want to say goodbye to this athabits.

Advantages and disadvantages of acupuncture on smoking

The only and the main disadvantage of this method is a small chance that it will not work. In addition, you may experience discomfort for those people who have a low pain threshold. When the incorrectbut there is the possibility of carrying out the procedures of infection. And those who have sensitive skin may remain small point after the procedure.

Among the advantages are the following:
- run the self-cleaning processes in the body which eliminate toxins;
- person does not feel lfittin g;
- the minimum probability of weight gain;
- normalization of blood pressure;
- passes headache;
- intensification of production of endorphins – &Laquo; happy hormones & raquo ;, thereby no depression and irritability;
- the absence of medical intervention;
- improves overall health.

Today, many medical centers offer a procedure of this kind, with regard not only are they smoking. With the help of acupuncture can lose weight and improve overall health and even get rid of some diseases.

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