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Diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

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? So the question today is raised by many young ladies who, because of their knowledge and ability to Conoconent facts are going to protect themselves from the unpleasant consequences of this anomaly. The fact that statistically, such a phenomenon (or better to say, complication), ectopic pregnancy might be approximately one fifth of pregnant women. In this case, the first month of this anomaly does not show itself in any way, accompanied by the same normal Techeniyu pregnancy symptoms. And since, ultrasound pelvic area is one of the most informative and mandatory phases check the status of the fetus, the question that seems quite natural. Immediately should stipulate that ultrasound of the pelvic organs, conducted during pregnancy is different, withootvetstvenno, detail and accuracy of the results also are different. Conventional rather traditional method ultrasound - this study through the front wall of the abdomen. This method can only identify possible symptoms of ectopic pregnancy (no fruit egg into position for her place - the uterus, as well as possible large Included QuantityGUSTs fluid in the peritoneum). Much more efficient and informative method is in principle transvaginal ultrasound conducted by vvedeniyachuvstvitelnogo ultrasonic element in the vagina. Such a method allows the position of the sensor in close proximity to the diagnostic object, and thus allows to see the problem in more detail.

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