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Hair dye Recital Preference by L Oreal Paris

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Not many companies, regardless of their area of ??Workerelnosti, it is possible to achieve such production volumes, market share   and authority, what belongs to the French perfume and cosmetics giant L'Oreal. To date - this is the largest player in the global cosmetics market, and authority over a variety of assortment   which employs more than 64,500 people. The range of dresidually wide, but a special prestige and popularity with the ladies around the world are hair dyes. Today, it is one of the most popular and gel inks sold in the world. These paints are characterized by much more resistance, largely due to a special molecular composition. Besides in paintscontains firming balm that gives hair softness and silkiness. Preference entire palette has 32 colors, which are divided into two groups. The first palette called Feria Preference, and consists of 7 most vibrant and spectacular colors (mainly based on the red color). Second - - consists of 25 shades, practically alwaysdy of which has its own special name associated with geography (eg, Brazil, Paris, Grenada, Antigua, etc.). Paint palette that contain special protective filters and vitamin complexes that produce mechanisms to improve flexibility, durability, protects against breakage and have a more lasting effect, keep the originalytsvet for 6 weeks.


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