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Aromatherapy from Acad?mie Scientifique de Beaut?

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Throughout its long ( one hundredchki duration of human life) stories, people are constantly faced with the necessity of knowing the world around him. Evolution has developed in man some fairly complex, but effective mechanisms to define the experience. Among the most important are sight, hearing, tactile touch, scent and so on. D. Scents and fragrances - isthat accompanies a person constantly and has a large enough value in all areas of his life. A sense of charm helps determine daily smell and flavor of food, various food and industrial materials, and most importantly, what few people realize - find a soul mate in this world. After all, if you look, thanks largely to the smell emanatingam, all living beings in nature find their potential partner, defined the territory, etc. A man in his development has gone far from such vile, base sensations of nature, however, pays smells quite a big role in their social life. For most people, good flavor - it's a great way to stand out from the crowd,to emphasize their individuality, sexuality, tenderness, beauty. However, the strength of the fragrance is used not only in the powerful cosmetics industry, to create a perfume. particular application odors, flavors found in medical, therapeutic, restorative, relaxing and rehabilitation practices. Such use of force is called flavor flavorerapiey. This phenomenon is met anyone who even once visited the bath (surely you remember the drops of aromatic eucalyptus honey and oils, as well as the healing scent of broom). Such power of natural aromatic herbs successfully used for cosmetic purposes, to create effective means of skin care products. In particular,one of the oldest cosmetic companies in France - Acad é mie Scientifique de Beaut é (Or the Academy of Sciences of beauty) is armed with a whole line of products based on herbs, which is called - Acad é mie Aromatherapie (or). It presents the whole bunches of medicinal herbs endemic France, from north to south, fromthe west coast and to the eastern borders. On the basis of spices, herbs, fruits create effective lotions, creams, gels and masks, which not only provide a therapeutic effect, but also filled with a wonderful aroma.

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