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Face Powder Guerlain parure compact foundation

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- a compact face powder. Ideal expressionNiva texture and skin tone. It is composed of herbal extracts, components, microparticles pearls. Used as a matting agent, as well as makeup base, contains sunscreen. When applied to clean skin makes a delicious result, hides all the flaws on your face. When applied to the foundation of the face will lookpersonally with the presence of powder and tone will not notice. It gives the skin an incredible glow, while maintaining its opacity. The most remarkable advantage among others she wins so that has replaceable units, and they are included new pongee. Case that it has, looks at the height of any fashionistas will not be ashamed to get her out of his ladies sumochki. Its packaging is so beautiful, it would be desirable that the improved display everywhere.
This powder is not dry, matting, lasts a long time, all we have to hide, economical, multifunctional, and nice for the price.
The application is very simple to clean skin or makeup special pongee or round brush. First applied to the centerforehead, then down the cheeks and chin up, very lightly need to go on the nose and cheeks. This powder is very fine grinding and almost odorless. Persistent held throughout the day. gives the skin a flawless face, velvet, it becomes very similar to the petal soft skin. Tones also correspond to the numbering.
All the girls fashionista- Beauties who have tried to use this powder, it is no change for a couple of years to her. Economical to use, has all the advantages that are important to her.

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