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What is tooth implantation

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The importance of this distinctive human characteristics, like snow-white, healthy smile and smooth, it is difficult to underestimate. In many ways, it is posquences of the entertainment industry, film and television. Media spin-doctors was created a certain ideal image of a man who is partly based on the presence of the so-called Hollywood smile. Public people who are constantly in the light of the television and movie cameras are required to monitor their appearance and look your best,and therefore spend decent money on dental services. Simple man is not obliged to do everything to his teeth shone like spotlights, however dentist - this is one of the most common medical services in the world. Style or way of life of modern man, contributes to improvement of the body is not, but ratherits destruction, and the teeth - this is one of the most striking examples in this regard. Harmful to the teeth nutrition and insufficient care are not easy to decay, and full-scale development of edentulous (lack of dentition, partial or complete). The most effective method to date to eliminate the lack of teeth is dental orthopedic implanttion. Most fully engaged in this issue of specialized staff. Based on them develop and improve existing techniques, as well as create new ones, using the latest materials, tools and theories. This procedure is complex and protracted nature, so the spacecraft requires root analogue implantation into bone.

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