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What are dietary supplements and the benefits they bring to the body

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Today, most people confuse with le Supplementsmedicament. Of course, these substances have a very beneficial effect on the human body, but do not have a therapeutic effect as the pharmaceutical preparations. Now find dietary supplements as easily as it can after consultation with a specialist.

What are dietary supplements and the impact on the bodythey have

Dietary supplements can affect the overall condition of the body or to deal with the problem of a certain organ or system. Additives are divided into three groups: nutraceuticals (as close to the action of vitamins), parapharmaceutics (occupy a middle position between vitamin complexes and lemedicament) eubiotics (presented by microorganisms or metabolites). Depending on the degree of therapeutic effect, dietary supplements, for example, may completely replace both the drug and enhance its therapeutic effect in the treatment regimen.

    active additives are divided into categories, depending on the impact on the organizm:
  1. active additives that replenish essential nutrients deficiency structures.
  2. The compositions that cleanse the body of toxins, help to improve the metabolic processes, take an active part in losing weight.
  3. Additives for people who work hard, as well as professional athletes. Necessary for avoevremennogo replenish the body's various micro and macro.
  4. The substances that help to cope with alcohol or nicotine dependence at different stages.

It should be understood that the immediate effect of the use of such funds will not follow. A regular reception for Mr.eskolkih months. Supplements can adjust the body to the right and high quality work, stimulate the immune processes and regenerative properties.

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