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What is a colposcopy

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One of the most important and basic instincts of man is the instinct of procreation. His full and qualitative-valued realization depends on the health of men and women. These two subjects are quite important in the process of realization of the ultimate goal. For example, man is the carrier of genetic material and its health affects primarily the possibility of its production and quality. In turn, the woman's body is ideally suited for gestation andconducting birth to a healthy child. It is up to the woman's health, in particular sexual and depends on the possibility and nature of the implementation of ripening fruit. The problem of sexual health of women engaged in gynecological body, primarily due to a visual inspection of the genital organs of a woman - the uterus and vagina. At the present stage of development of medicine ingeneral and gynecology in particular, the most informative diagnostic method is colposcopy. By the way, if you need this procedure to somewhere 1500 rubles. In its structure, a colposcope (a device that provides for the procedure) is an optical microscope that, depending on the version, has the opportunity to increase theVat image several tens (40) times. Procedure is performed in much the same way as a normal gynecological examination: the cavity of the vagina speculum is usually introduced through which observations colposcope. The device itself, thus, is located at a distance of 10 cm from the entrance to the vagina. With this percentedury can more precisely diagnose problems such as cervical erosion, various tumors, endometriosis, pathological changes and defects of the walls and tissues of the vagina, uterus.

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