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Malocclusion of teeth: the cost of the procedure

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Beautiful smile, of course, gives confidence eachin humans. In addition, open sincere smile – it is the key to successful business of tying or even personal relationships. About 80% of people on the planet can not boast of perfect teeth, causing a lack of confidence and the development of other systems. However, malocclusion is not only an aesthetic problem, hidingSeparated for a bole backfire. A lot of trouble with health, ranging from sensitive teeth and ending with digestive disorders.

  Even as an adult, you can fix any problems with the bite, despite the common myth that you must do this as a child. &Nbsp;Correct bite – not a big problem, and there are many ways to make orthodontic treatment. Next, we consider in detail each method, as well as their cost.

Malocclusion brackets

The most popular and effective today odbong produce are braces. This device consists of brackets connected to the arc power, under the action of the teeth which are moved into the correct position. The main advantage of braces is that they can solve almost any problem with the bite, regardless of the age of the patient. Optimally produce Malocclusionand braces between the ages of 12 to 60 years.

The total duration of the course takes from six months to three years, depending on the complexity of each case. Throughout the period it will be necessary to visit your orthodontist so that he could pull the arc and adjust the position of the brackets. The only minusth braces is their unsightly appearance, however, modern braces sapphire or ceramic solve this problem. In addition, there are the so-called lingual braces that attach to the inner surface of the teeth, and effectively correct the bite, imperceptibly.

The cost of bracesalso depends on the matter from which they are made. For example, metal braces, along with fixing will cost about 13 thousand rubles, but the cost of ceramic can reach from 30 to 100 thousand. Sapphire, respectively, will cost another 10 thousand more. The most expensive braces – lingual. Their value together with the installation of next pageyshaet 100 thousand rubles.

Malocclusion kappa

Correct bite can also use removable structures, such as splints. Mouthguards are made of transparent resin, so they are absolutely harmless to enamel and hardly noticeable. Mouthguard can be removed while eating and Numbersheel teeth, which greatly facilitates the patient's life.

Make such designs individually for each person, and for one period of treatment will take several splints until the result will not be perfect. On average, bite correction by this method lasts about a year, and the cost ranges from 10 thousand and above publey.

Surgical correction of bite

This method is used in particularly difficult cases, abnormalities of the jaw when neither braces nor kappa will not be effective. Sometimes surgery is required when the curvature of the individual teeth, but is more often used when   we are talkingthe deformation of the teeth-jaw system. The physician performs an incision in the area of ??movable tooth (or more), and corrects the jaw. Such an operation can improve the facial proportions, ease breathing and chewing food process.

The process of surgical occlusion lasts several hours and is held under the InfomationalOz. By the usual life the patient returns after a few weeks, and sometimes requires additional treatment braces. Correct bite surgically costs from a few dozen to a few hundred thousand, depending on the clinic.

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