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What is the responsibility of the physician-Laurent

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All body systems are interconnected, it is particularly pronouncedfor example, the nasopharynx. Almost any disease to emerge in the nose, throat, ears, could easily affect the nearby organs and systems. All this area in terms of studying medical science otolaryngology. Accordingly, a medical specialist who is addressing the problems in this area is called an otolaryngologist or simplyy - ENT. More details about this profession will tell us - Timko Galina.

It is the responsibility of the physician includes the following group of diseases:
- disease of the nasal cavity (sinusitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, acute and chronic);
- disease ear cavity (otitis, timpatity, Eustaceyou, traumatic injury);
- diseases of the larynx (sore throat, laryngitis, pharyngitis, etc.).

Job Lore complex because it requires a harmonious combination of the skills of Physicians and Surgeons. The fact is that sometimes instead of purely therapeutic examinations and procedures LORu have to deal with the need to Hirargicheskogo intervention. The most common types of surgical interventions in the practice of otolaryngologists are corrective or rezektiruyuschie operation again on the zone of influence:

- in the nasal cavity, it is most often treatment of maxillary sinuses, correction septum hematoma and abscess reliefowls, resection of polyps etc .;
- in the ear often eliminates the effects of inflammatory processes of the same polyps, correction of hearing;
- in the area of ??the larynx, the most commonly performed operations are resection of the endocrine glands (tonsils, adenoids).

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