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Features of the electric battery

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Every person on this planet is inherent in the pursuit of the organization the most comfortable living conditions (to the extent possibleit of course). This is largely dictated by the body's normal physiological unsuitability transfer climate, weather racing "pure", as the saying goes. Particularly acute is felt in the winter, when the temperature in our latitudes below freezing and snow falls all around. Of course, from the point of view of self-preservation instinct, anypeople will take care of how to organize a good heating your home. Naturally, the most common option is a water heating system, in which the heat generator is a gas or solid fuel boiler. Such a system, with all its advantages has several disadvantages, among them - the high cost of equipmentIAOD need to pull thermal communication (pipes, radiators, valves). To solve this problem radically different path, you can use innovative. In fact, it is a stand-alone heat source that does not need a heating duct laying, installation of the boiler and the necessary additional equipment. The principle of operation of the electrical Bahtarei largely similar to the principle of the so-called infrared heater (UFO), that is not based on convection and thermal radiation. This means that the battery is not the air itself heats and objects in the room, which then transfer the heat to have convection air. This allows substantially faster and heat the room at this meanstionary save on costs. In addition, a similar mode of action guaranteed to get rid of excess moisture, which is contained within the walls.

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