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Free and paid message boards on the internet

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If you do not use the Internet the first day, you know,that there are lots of sites that are called "bulletin boards". This is an online resource, where you can post your suggestions about buying, selling something or providing services. The categorization allows you to put your ad in the appropriate section for ease of search. In general, it is quite useful resources: for both business and dTo ordinary citizens. Ordinary citizens will sell unneeded items (clothing, furniture, household appliances), or to find some rare commodity. And entrepreneurs can use these resources as additional advertising. As a result, all in black.

Speaking of the bulletin board, it should be noted that they are free and boardsgovernmental. And very often both versions combined into one. What's the difference between them? Let's face it. First of all, it is worth noting that the differences between paid and free advertisement will largely depend on the policy of the site. But there are common elements, common to all. Firstly, it is immediately classified. In the case of free variationntom you may be restrictions on the number of added pictures, links placed in a sentence (for example, a link to the company website) and by the volume of text. We paid version of them, as a rule, no. Secondly, the timing of the publication. To post a free ad must pass moderation, which may take a couple of hours and a few weeks. But paid ads appear almost instantly. Thirdly, accommodation. Often, Free Offers gradually move to other pages deep into the catalog, as their new shift. As a result, you can find them only in direct search. But paid ads are placed on the home page and can be seen almost all visitorm site.

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