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A time when life in men and women is part of a small child, it becomes a turning point in every sense. This IOMUNT when parents begin to feel a real responsibility when all their thoughts and actions are beginning to build on the needs of the young child. It is a small body is extremely sensitive to any outside influence, and regularly needs care and feeding to replenish the body's need for useful, nutrientSubstances. The latter, at the beginning of our journey in this world, brings to the body of a child with mother's milk. A woman's body is reconstructed in such a way that the breast starts to produce nutritious milk, work, as befits the breast. If we consider that feeding your baby takes on average more than a year, and each of the two dairy desithout women increased by an average of 300 ... 500 grams, it is easy to predict what will happen to the breast at the end of this period (sagging, ugly breast dream of every woman in a nightmare). In order to eliminate the possibility of orbital changes of the breast and maintain it during the period of breastfeeding, it is best to use a speciale. Its design takes into account all the features of a woman's breasts and has a number of innovative solutions, such as forming, seamless cup, which excludes additional irritation of the breast skin, and backed by a patent, special fastener cup KwikKlip, which can significantly facilitate access to the breast if necessary implestvleniya feeding.

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