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"I decided on the correction of the labia minora and never regretted it!

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Many people say that all the girls are too insecure and always find a problem where it does not exist in the nOomine. But this is not my case – that I have the size of the labia minora are not within the normal range I have said many times gynecologists different clinics.

But one thing is very suspect about the problem, the other — make sure that your suspicions were justified. After that, I lost my self-confidence, constantly thinkingThat with me that something is wrong. And as a result, parting with a guy because of my systems.

Then I said to myself: « Stop! It is necessary to change something in your life and eliminate the problem! &Raquo;.

You can consider it a happy coincidence, but then I caught sight of peklama center « Cosmetic Surgery & raquo ;. An appointment with a specialist, I signed up for the next day. And then was. I explained that the enlarged labia – This is a significant drawback, which need to be addressed. I agreed to the operation, without hesitation, because she wanted to change my life.

What struck me? Care physicians with an understanding attitude, courtesy, concern. Now with this attitude rarely encountered.

As for the operation itself, then there is nothing to worry about. It lasts 15 minutes under the influence of intravenous anesthesia. Then – rehabilitation period. He laststhis a couple of weeks. If all of the doctor's advice, you can return to an active sex life, a month after the operation. Due to the increased blood circulation postoperative scars heal quickly.

I must admit that after the operation my life has changed. I began to feel more confident, I do not hesitate toSmiling their nakedness and can fully open up to your partner without fear that he noticed something or say something. I became relaxed and more passionate.

All of the girls who have noticed this flaw, I advise you to quickly get rid of it and start living to the fullest!

AndRina, Kiev

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