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Greenway company: overview

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Greenway company

The company has been on the market since 2017 and positions itself as a company of high quality, environmentally friendly everyday goods. The address of the central office or as it is fashionable to say the headquarters is located in Russia in the city of Novosibirsk. The company produces and distributes various products: home cleaning products, cleaning products, car cleaning kits, biomineral complexes, aromatic oils, functional nutrition, care, mineral and decorative cosmetics, functional teas and drinks.

Greenway has its own factory in Russia, as well as production in China and Japan under a work contract, and a small part of the products is shipped and shipped from the USA. The company has representative offices in the CIS countries and neighboring countries: in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and EU countries. Russia has recently launched 205 regional centers in 34 cities.

Company's mission:

  1. Make accessible an eco-friendly lifestyle;
  2. Maintain cleanliness in your home without harmful household chemicals;
  3. Strengthen immunity with the help of biomineral complexes and supplements;
  4. Use life cleaner and better.

The Greenway company is trying to take care of people's health, make the maximum contribution to improving the global state of the planet by creating high-quality eco-products.

In the production of products, only natural compounds and safe materials are used, so the products produced are environmentally friendly and can be reused.

All manufactured products are based on the latest scientific developments.

The company provides customer service, favorable working conditions for partners and distributors, and unites thousands of people around the world with one goal - caring for the planet.

Company Facts:

  • Formed in 2017;
  • The company has 13 trademarks;
  • 200 types of products;
  • delivery to 33 countries.

Company idea

To create a wide range of sustainable products and introduce them in different countries with the help of partners, giving them the opportunity to make everyone's life better.

The main consumers of the company's products

  1. People who monitor their health and the health of their children;
  2. Athletes and people leading an active lifestyle;
  3. Housewives;
  4. Car owners, etc.
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