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Thai Oil Massage: what do you need to know?

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Oil massage

Thai Oil Massage is a particular massage technique which, unlike the traditional Watpo one, performed on the Futon without the use of oil, involves the use of special massage oils. For this reason, the Thai Oil massage is very relaxing and delicate, which is not suitable for those who do not like soft treatments and instead want massages with deep pressures, typical of the traditional technique.

The Thai Massage with Oil consists of a manipulation of the body that takes place by combining passive and deep stretching techniques with rhythmic rolling and pressure with sliding on the body. The interested parties are those located along the energy meridians, precisely to promote a regeneration of body and mind. Lets talk about it in more details. By the way, full body oil massage in Dubai can be ordered in JasmineSpa.

The parts of the body treated by the Thai oil massage

This massage technique does not focus only on a particular part of the body, but involves the treatment of different areas, with the aim of providing relaxation and well-being at a local and general level. Often people who undergo it fall asleep although the massage is pleasant and light, a sort of caress that places the subject in a state of total relaxation. The movements of the holistic practitioner are so gentle, that they gently reactivate a flowing energy in the body, minimizing stress and promoting an improvement in the quality of sleep first and foremost.

The Thai massage oil

The oil used for this type of massage is herbal or flower oil, precisely the jasmine or Yalng Yalng oil, widely used in Thailand, where the massage is usually performed in spas.

The benefits of Thai massage oil

There are numerous benefits of Thai oil massage, a technique that uses elements of Indian Ayurveda, which is an ancient system of healing, useful for relieving a variety of pains. In particular the thai oil massage helps to:

  • reduce stress;
  • improve the quality of rest and sleep;
  • energize body and mind;
  • relieve muscle and back pain;
  • reduce muscle tension;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • reactivate the lymphatic system;
  • relax;
  • drains toxins and excess fluids;
  • to give psychophysical balance.

The session of the Thai massage with oil

A session of Thai Massage with Oil lasts on average 50-75 minutes and is practiced on the bed, using a good Massage Oil. This technique bases his work on steps practiced with the fingertip along the paths of the energy meridians. Following there will be as many steps on the same paths but practiced with the palms. The friction with the thumbs is always deeper than the friction practiced with the palms which, on the contrary, is very delicate and practiced with a relaxing spirit.

The meridians are usually treated with a direction that foresees their friction towards the heart and to follow in the opposite direction, therefore they are traveled both outward and in return.

The stretches are performed slowly and are not invasive, and to obtain the best results they must be held for about ten seconds.

In the Thai Massage with Oil the typical finger pressures of Traditional Thai Massage are rarely used, these are in fact replaced by long frictions practiced in a very slow way.

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