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The life of almost any man - is a set of actions aimed at self-identificationuw in society, individualization of a loved one and the surrounding personal space. As a rule, if we consider the life of an average family living somewhere in the country in a private small house, then traced a certain, but a clear allocation of responsibilities. In this case, the man responsible for the functional content aboutspace and uninterrupted operation, while a woman is the guardian of the hearth, the creator of comfort, warmth and beauty in and around the house. One of the most favorite activities of women around their homes is planting flower bushes, the formation of flower beds and well-planned flower, landscape compositions.

The cultivation of flowers in the garden - it is almost the same as the education of children. Any gardener with lots of love and awe refers to the process, because for him there is nothing more beautiful than watching how to grow flowers, planted with his own hands, as they bloom with proper care. But the main thing in this proprocess is not the process of care and contemplation, and the initial stage - the selection of appropriate seed. The case is very responsible, because buying in any corner of the seeds in bulk, it is unlikely it will be possible to achieve the desired result. By the way, on the territory of Ukraine offers the best flower seeds TM "Profesyne Nasinnya":. When buying seeds is very importantenough to consider some important criteria, which greatly affect the final picture: Manufacturer and characteristics of seeds, soil characteristics, lighting conditions, humidity and temperature readings.  

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