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Do call in the army of psoriasis patients?

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According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, each young man or menand of military age, shall undergo military service for one calendar year. It's no secret the real situation in the armed forces, not only in their degree of training or equipment, but in terms of discipline and compliance with statutory relations in the units. Simply put, the army is widely bullying thrives, despite the statedtrolled successes in combating it. Besides the army - it's hardships, as stated in the statute, which not all are psychologically and practically ready, and therefore any available means trying to hang until the end of military age (under 27 years). Of course, there are legitimate reasons for deferments, per hourtnosti, a college education, child care, or their parents, the service in the internal affairs and so on. But the main argument, as if exempt from the need to appeal, is the conclusion of the medical commission of unfitness for military service. And here begins the search for a variety of real and unreal reasons why you can earn "eternaldemobilization. "In particular, quite often the question arises whether it is possible to call the service of people suffering from psoriasis? Although at first glance it seems that are incompatible, but p eshitelnogo answer to this question is no, because all subject find a medical board. On the one hand, the disease not seem contagious and basically does not deliver hoursThe person is no hassle, but increased loads, which are an integral part of military life, may exacerbate. As a rule, the medical board on the results of the inspection can take on the occasion of one of three possible solutions:

  • temporary unfitness (imposed in the case of the primary lesion onfor no more than six months. This means that the conscript relies deferment for six months, with the aim of treatment, after which it will have to undergo a medical examination again);
  • limited life (imposed in the case of a sufficiently long period of illness and severe forms of it. This result means that the conscriptis not subject to a general call on in times of peace);
  • unsuitability (imposed in the case of extensive and severe forms of the disease. In this case, declared unfit for duty, not only in the army but also in the structures, where the presence of military training necessarily). & Nbsp ;
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