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What perdstavlyaet a pipe

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- an accessory for smoking, which is widely used in all countries of the earththe world and is considered a sign of good manners and gentility. It is convenient to use in place of a pleasure when driving at any time. The tubes come in different types and are made from different materials such as wood, glass, metal, ceramic, bamboo, natural stone, clay and other materials.

Happensso different tubes for different situations in life. For example, for an enjoyable smoking process are ideal glass tubes. If you want to hide the phone, this handset has an ideal option in the form of pens, lipstick, lighters or other transformers. There are tubes that are very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing look, attracting the attention of many, and not even the chickensyaschih people.

The basic rule is that pipe smoking that pipe prolonged or delayed, it is not deeply and infrequently as when smoking a cigarette. It is possible to estimate the smoking pipe tobacco taste qualities. Saturation of the body takes place after tobacco. When smoking pipe must be observedthe necessary rules in order to avoid mistakes that can lead to dangerous results. There are a few useful tips.

Do not start smoking from pipes and cheap tobacco. To get started is to choose a straight tube of medium size without filter. Do not buy a second-hand tube. Always good to startof mixtures of flavored tobacco. The handset does not smoke smoked tightening. Smoking pipes must be free to choose the time and calm. You should not smoke on the run.

These are not complicated rules will help you to enjoy smoking without damage to health.

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