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Application of monastic tea for prostate

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Monastic tea, the name speaks for itself. ThatCoy tea brewed in monasteries. Long since,   Rus   centers of culture and education were the monasteries, where treated both soul and body. Monks collected herbs and studied their properties, combined various herbs and prepare a broth. These broths reduced physical strength, strengthen weakened body, delayed wound, relieve pain and fever, and, in general, withThe ability to rouse were bedridden patients. All herbs that make up the tea, grown specifically monks in monasteries. It is said that the monastery of tea, more than one hundred years, the monks kept strictly   secret and composition of the components, and methods of preparation, but every secret thing, once it becomes clear, and the secret became known to the world simplyYanam, and more recently has become very popular.

There are diseases, which is not to say out loud, and if we are talking about a strong half of mankind, even more so. Men are very jealously guard their secrets, and believe the disease makes them more vulnerable, depriving them of male power. Such diseases include maleed prostatitis. But if you do not pay attention to the disease, it can develop into chronic, which significantly complicate treatment. Of course, the treatment should be dealt with doctors, but in order to prevent very effective. Regular   the use of the monastery tea saturates the body with vitamins and minerals, which is beneficial to the normalizationand hormonal levels, relieves pain, reduces inflammation, increases the potency. The effectiveness of the tea depends on its properties: natural, environmental   products (herbs) is well balanced with each other.

Monastic tea, used in the treatment of prostatitis, it has on the body muzhchiny such actions:

  • relieves inflammation;
  • significantly improves the quality of the male seed;
  • Increases sperm motility;
  • disappears pain in the rectum;
  • normal flora of the bladder;
  • when urinating pain disappears;
  • Do not allow the disease in the acute form;
  • does not allow for the development of impotence;
  • strengthens the immune system.

In addition, the monastery tea, gives strength, increases efficiency, normalizes sleep.   We should not think that this tea can cure all diseases, but specialists – doctors   have shown that this tea is very effective for the prevention and treatment (especially early) prostatitis.   There is anotherargument in favor of the monastery of tea: he, unlike the medication has no contraindications and side effects, so taking it, you do not risk nothing, and most importantly, you can demolish your problem from others, without advertising it as welcome tea is easy to explain in Unlike pills.

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