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What is the disease

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According to Hippocrates, who is considered the father of medicine, to make cleareniya such thing as a disease he did not create. He considered the main disease improper mixing of body fluids: blood, bile and mucus. From this it appears that the disease - a condition of the body, expressed as a violation of his life, impaired balance, and nerves give to know what is happening in our body that something is wrong. By the way,.

Diseases are several factors that are the cause of:

- psychogenic;
- mechanical;
- biological;
- chemical;
- physical.

In our time in the definition of the disease, consider the following main periods:

- hidden (incubation period, which lasts from the beginning of exposure to pathogenic factors and to the first manifestation of symptoms);
- the initial (start of exposure and the appearance of the first symptoms);
- active (development of the disease. It lasts a few days to several years);
- final (completion phase of the disease,can be fast or critical).

There is also a classification of diseases following:

- a form of manifestation (acute and chronic);
- the affected area (a disease of the whole organism, tissue, chromosomal, cellular);
- a method of treatment (surgical, therapeutic);

Almost any illness should be given timely and proper attention, because otherwise, some of the diseases can lead to death. Need to constantly improve their health, treat it very seriously and follow him. In addition to this you no one will do.

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