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Aerotruba to help parachutist

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Man ever since the ancient times attracted in the sky, to the whitem clouds and vast expanses. No wonder that in ancient Greece there was a myth about the Daedalus and his son Icarus, who has attached his wings, soared into the sky to the hot sun. But each myth, as we know there is some truth and humanity did not stop in their quest as long as the aircraft is not invented, and then tools to helppilot to escape the crash. These tools are called parachutes to slow the fall.

Parachutes are widely used today, however, their purpose long gone beyond the professional sphere flight. In modern conditions the parachute has become one of the key accessories that are used in extreme sports,in particular - in a parachute. Sports parachute has a wing shape (in contrast, the traditional dome-shaped army and flight parachutes) that allows us to develop a high speed flight and dramatically improve manageability, increase the upper threshold of the jump. Unlike the traditional parachute jump, jumping from great heights suggests separationProcess fall into two phases:

  • free fall to the lowest allowable height;
  • controlled flight with an open parachute.

It was at first you may feel like a bird, but it is also true that the implementation of such manavrov need special training, in particular using aerotruby. By the way, if you do not know where to fly in aerotrube, then you need to go here: Aerotruba represents large levitation simulator configured as a cylinder head through which the air flow. The air speed can thus achievingbe 300 km per hour.

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