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LISOD - one of the best clinics in Ukraine

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The only clinic and leadership recognized since 2008on the territory of Ukraine. It employs experts of very high qualification level, as well as experts of the European countries. The clinic has the latest equipment and uses the most advanced technology survey. It is also used, radiotherapy, chemotherapy. Before you start treatment, the experts first put forth the correctiagnoz. Pathological diagnosis verification makes it possible to eliminate errors due to incorrect diagnoses and it allows you to define:

- the origin of the tumor;
- to do additional research;
- determine the focus of tumor metastasis.

The treatment takes placein three stages: surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy way. Chemotherapy is used only of original medicines and avoids the side effects (vomiting, nausea, fever). Radiation therapy is carried out on modern radiotherapy equipment for irradiation of tumors of different localization. With regard to surgery, thenvery often used modern methods of anesthesia and therapy are also used laparoscopic surgery, modern tools and staplers. Rehabilitation period consists of a set of procedures in different directions, adding the forces of the body after treatment. In LISOD created the most comfortable, comfort to patients feltat home. Power is also excellent, from natural products. And also there is a possibility that together with the patient was to accompany him. Stay healthy and never get sick.

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