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What is sheet steel

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> In our time, production is much more massive scale than before, and relist of materials used in industrial ka, and in the domestic scale is simply amazing. In addition to traditional materials (wood, steel, and so on. N.) Are beginning to see a variety of synthetic polymeric materials or their combination with other materials.

One of the most popular materials of almostand in all fields of human activity, from construction to engineering, is steel. It is perfectly easy to work on the dies, presses, roller mills, manual and mechanized cutting, bending, and so on. D. From this it is possible to make housing construction and decorative elements of different configurations, which differ perfectlyFirst toughness, strength, durability, reliability.

In the majority of roofing and tiling is used, usually a thin-walled sheet steel with zinc or a protective polymer coating (protects against aggressive external environment, the development of corrosion of metal). For the convenience of transportation,Supply of blanks is done frequently in the form of a roll of standard width. By the way, in Russia you can buy high-quality companies in the « Metal Empire & raquo ;:

Production of Rolled sheet and roll it into a special happening at mills by hot or cold rolling. They differ in certainOtori characteristics,   In particular, cold-rolled steel is more durable and resistant to temperature extremes, but this method of manufacture directly leads to an increase in its cost op compared to hot-rolled steel. As a protective coating of zinc or a ball is used polymers (polyurethanes, polyesters, polyvinyl chlorides, epoxyresin and paint products).

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