The Artlife Company has chosen the direct sales method as a way to distribute its products. Why? The reason is that in case of direct sales the products at reasonable prices come from the producer directly to the customers through the network of independent Partners. This secures a real individual approach to the Customers. Besides, multi-level marketing is the only labor reward scheme where without any significant investments everybody can not only use the unique product but also easily become a successful and wealthy person. (Annually the income may increase by two, three, or four times!)

Multi-level marketing is distinct from other types of business by the fact that it is much easier to start a business in it:

- you do not need to invest a huge initial capital;
- you do not have to worry about the employees, equipment, and book-keeping;
- it is you who establish the size of your business and its growth;

The advantages of the business:

- It is you who decide how much time you can devote to the work: from several hours a day to full-time occupation. That’s your business, that’s your choice! You are independent! You are the boss of yourself! Having become the Artlife Partner, it is not you who work for the Company, but the Company works for you!

- The reason why the Artlife business is successful is that we are convinced that the large turnover percent is to be transferred to the Partners in order to enable them to invest into the growth of their business. We pay out our Partners – the people whom the Company appreciates the most – more than 70 percent of the profit! And this is in addition to retail profit!
- Business based on multi-level marketing allows having constant income for many years. The level of this income will grow endlessly. Now only three percent of the world’s population have this inexhaustible financial resource. Why? Because they are the only ones who are aware of the possibilities of multi-level marketing. Today these possibilities have become known to you. Welcome to the number of the most successful and prosperous people of the world!

The Company constantly enhances and offers you its business support system:

- high-quality and competitive products;
- efficient marketing plan;
- promotional, informational, and PR assistance;
- apprenticeship and trainings;
- large-scale corporate events;
- system of acknowledgement and rewards.

Artlife is a Company of Possibilities! These possibilities are available to everyone!