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Online translator of Google text and web pages.

What is a Translator Google?

Translator Google - a free translation service that provides instant translations, using 57 different languages. It can translate words, sentences and web pages from anywhere and at any of the supported languages. With the help of Google Translate, we hope to make information universally accessible and useful no matter what language it was created.
How does this service?

When Google Translator provides translation, he is looking for patterns in hundreds of millions of documents to give you the best translation. If you notice patterns in the documents already translated by people, Google Translator can make intelligent assumptions to select the appropriate translation. The process of finding patterns in large volumes of text is called "statistical machine translation. Since translations are computers, not all the results would be ideal. The more people use the translated documents that Google Translate can analyze a particular language, the better the quality of translation. That is why the accuracy of the translation in different languages sometimes differ.