Association of biologically active supplements

Association of biologically active supplements

Production of modern, innovative products, we, like anyone else, understand how important it is to have a modern legislative and regulatory framework for the development, production and sales of dietary supplements. It is important to have in this market only competent and responsible developers only accurate information, effective products and satisfied customers.

We also understand that without our active participation in the formation of a civilized legal and business space on the market dietary supplements can not perform a mission that we put on ourselves. Therefore, the Company ArtLife - the initiator and an active member of the non-public organizations created specifically for this purpose.

Company ArtLife - one of the founders of the Association of domestic developers and manufacturers of dietary supplements to foods and specialized foods, which, since 2001, helps address these challenges and work together professionally. The headquarters of the Association of dietary supplements is in Moscow.

In 2004, the joint decision of the Association of dietary supplements, the Ministry of Health of Russia, the All-Russia Public Movement "For a healthy Russia", Institute of Nutrition RAMS, under which active work is underway to establish regional centers of healthy eating within the concept of public policy in this area. Such centers have been established in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk and Nizhny Novgorod. One of the priorities that have addressed these institutions is the development and implementation on the basis of medical institutions, secondary and higher education standard, evidence-based educational programs supply of healthy and sick person. This work is carried out jointly with the department of nutrition Russia Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education. The Association is actively involved in the development of legislative instruments governing the production and trafficking of dietary supplements in the territory of Russia.

The official media, which highlights the work of the Association, is the magazine "Russia Market Supplements. More information about the work of the Association of Food Supplements - site
Company ArtLife - the founder of the Eurasian Union of Manufacturers and distributors of products for health. Euro-Asian Union - a nonprofit organization, founded 13 December 2005 a group of prestigious companies and institutions - the developers, manufacturers and distributors of health products (dietary supplements, food products and cosmetics). The headquarters of the Union is located in Novosibirsk.

The purpose of the Union - support and protection of bona fide corporate producers and distributors, participated in the quality control of production, creation and active implementation of joint programs to support the health of the nation.

Today, the Union established and effectively implemented dozens of health programs, introduced a system of voluntary certification of producers of dietary supplements, prepared and implemented at the regional and federal level, a number of other literacy initiatives. More information about the activities of the Union - on site

Our work is not in words but in reality is a socially-oriented. We - for a civilized market of dietary supplements for a healthy nation, for the prosperity and welfare of everyone.