What is a TIC

Citation Index (or IC) - accepted in the scientific world the measure of "significance" of works of a scientist. Value of the index determined by the number of references to this work (or name) in other sources. However, for a truly accurate determination of the significance of scientific work is important not only to many links to them, but the quality of those links. Thus, the work can refer reputable academic publication, a popular entertainment magazine or brochure. The significance of these references are different.

Our theme citation index (TIC) defines 'authority' of Internet resources based on the quality characteristics of links to them from other sites. This qualitative feature we call "weight" links. Calculated it on a specially designed algorithm. Large role played by thematic proximity and resource sites link to it. In itself, the number of links to resources also affects the value of its TIC, TIC but is determined not by the number of links, and the sum of their weights.

TIC as a means of determining the credibility of resources designed to ensure the relevance of the location of resources in the catalog columns Yandex. TIC is not purely quantitative characteristic, so we show some of the rounded values that help to navigate the "significance" ("authority") resources in each area (theme).

The idea is simple citation index - usually the people who create a website, with the attention and responsibility related to its contents, as well as to the content of what they refer to, and thus recommend to their visitors. Our thematic index takes into account the number of links to your site from other sites, making these links is different "weight" (ie value) depending on the credibility of the referring site.


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