About us

Artlife company
Company Artlife - one of the leading companies in the dietary supplement market in Russia. The existence of domestic production, raw materials and a strong technological base enables the company for over 10 years to create products based on its own innovation, in accordance with the highest quality standards. 

Powerful research - research and production base Artlife presented:

The main production, which is located in Tomsk. It includes workshops for the production of dietary supplements, cosmetics, enriched foods, plastics packaging and packaging;

Enterprise-Flora Artlife involved in the cultivation and processing of vegetable raw materials in environmentally friendly areas of Altai;

Enterprise Artlife -Techno, developing a unique non-standard equipment not only for the Company Artlife, but for many other business sectors;

Laboratory quality control and safety. Equipped with the latest equipment and accredited by Russian standards, the laboratory provides a thorough control of all of the raw materials, semifinished and finished products Artlife;

Production - an experimental laboratory, which plays an important role in the development of new types of biologically active additives and food products.
For over ten years Artlife company creates its products through its own innovation in biotechnology.

Quality Management System is certified under the international standard ISO 9001:2000, ISO 22000:2005. Company Artlife one of the first in Russia has been certified under the system of HACCP. Workshops Company comply with the requirements of GMP standards and are equipped with modern high performance equipment of foreign companies IMA, Kilian, Huttlin, Manesti.

Artlife The company has numerous patents on inventions in the field of manufacturing technology and a large number of diplomas and medals for their participation in national and international exhibitions. All products Artlife is created in accordance with the highest quality standards and being tested at leading research institutions in Russia. Each batch of products is accompanied by certificates of quality and safety. Thanks to advanced technology, modern equipment and highly skilled professionals, production companies Artlife is in high demand on domestic and foreign markets. Artlife partners are companies from South Korea, Japan, Germany, India and many other countries.