ArtLife Zaimka

Corporate recreation Art Life - Zaimka.

ArtLife Zaimka

In the picturesque taiga place under the shade of birches and pines on the banks of the deep river "Chulym" is comfortable and surprisingly beautiful corporate recreation center "ArtLife-Zaimka.

Founded in 2001 in the depths of the taiga places Zaimka "became not just a holiday base, but a paradise where dreams come true. This surprising combination of pristine beauty of the Siberian taiga and comfort of the latest achievements of civilization.

Rest on Zaimka "- award. And all who at least once visited here, feel the warmth and love that created this wonderful place - a place where dreams come true.

Corporate Complex ArtLife-Zaimka "with joy all year round takes guests from all over the world, charging them with energy, inspiration for new achievements. Everything here is full of successes - Partner Companies ArtLife.