Production and testing laboratory

artlife laboratory

In 2003, on the basis of enterprise Artllife opened a pilot production laboratory (PEL) 
PEL is the main objective of the design and creation of truly unique, highly efficient, competitive and widely demanded of biologically active additives to food. Also in the task of PEL include identifying prospective technologies and their introduction into production. For example, one of the last areas of activity of the laboratory is to develop the unique technology of filling hard gelatin capsules in oil, pellets and powder of biologically active substances with a view to improving their quality and bioavailability.

The laboratory is constantly conducting various studies, is looking for new active substances biologically created on the basis of most modern types of dietary supplements. 

A total of 3 years of production and an experimental laboratory has developed and implemented in the production of more than 180 types of biologically active additives in the tablets, encapsulated and other forms.

Introduced the analysis of antioxidant activity in raw and biologically active additives. Improvement of production technology of all previously released products with the aim of improving the quality of dietary supplement.

Currently PEL is expensive laboratory and technological equipment of "Erweka", "Digilab", "Sartorius", etc. Also, the research lab are production companies.