Quality control laboratory

artlife laboratory

Company «Artlife» - the only company in Russia - Production of biologically active additives, which has its own accredited laboratories for quality control and safety. 

Laboratory Artlife was accredited in the State Standard of Russia. Accreditation has given us the right to test products within the area of accreditation of laboratories, both for the enterprise, as well as others.

In LKKB a wide range of instrumentation that enable laboratories to monitor product quality at all stages of production from raw material to finished product, ensuring the highest quality products Artlife.

The laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment companies: Waters, Agilent Technologies, Varian, Digilab, Sartorius, Don Whitley Scientific Limited, etc.

The close cooperation of specialists from universities and laboratories of research institutes of Tomsk allows constant exchange experiences, to the latest developments, which are of great practical and theoretical significance. For scientists - the opportunity to conduct additional research on the unique equipment Artlife.

Staff developed a 1000 method of determining the identity , the physico-chemical, microbiological indicators, as well as developed, certified and submitted to the National Register of eight methods of quantitative chemical analysis of biologically active substances.