Enriched food stuff manufacture

artlife nutrition

Development of food products enriched with vitamins and minerals - one of the main activity of the Company Artlife.

Enriched products of Artlife is established on the basis of quality raw materials. Their recruitment and composition chosen in such a way that allows you to smooth out the adverse impact of the environment and compensate for the deficit of vitamins and minerals.

In a series of functional foods Artlife include: porridge and quick cooking soups, teas, on the basis of the Siberian medicinal herbs, enriched fool, compotes, milk candies, jellies, jams, Confitures and other delicious and useful products.

Workshop for production of functional products is equipped with unique high-performance equipment known foreign companies.

Producing enriched foods that promote health, the Company Artlife helps the State to implement various programs, for example, «The Concept of State policies of healthy nutrition of Russian Federation for the period up to 2005»