Therapy of diseases of the cardiovascular system using dietary supplements ART LIFE

TA TIKHONOVA, doctor of the highest category, PKDTS
Of the patients, I have observed, about 70% are patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system (coronary artery disease and hypertension), and therefore understandable interest in drugs, correcting lipid metabolism. An effective lipid-lowering medication are three groups: statins, fibrates, nicotinic acid drugs. Treatment with these drugs for a long, ideally a life that involves a risk of side effects.
LECITHIN HIGH QUALITY recommended as biologically active additives (BAA) for the treatment of atherosclerosis. He was appointed to 1 tablespoon 1 time per day for food.
Observed two groups of patients: one group received treatment with statins and Lecithin (cholesterol level before treatment was higher than 7.0 mmol / L) - 2-3 months of taking statins, and then 2-3 months LECITHIN, etc. The second group received medication only Lecithin (baseline cholesterol 5,6-6,9 mmol / L) - 2-3 months LECITHIN, 1 -2 month break, then again, LECITHIN, etc.
Indicators of lipid (cholesterol and beta-lipoprotein) were monitored before treatment, after 2-3 months of supplementation and after 5-7 months of starting treatment. Preliminary data from the following: the appointment of statins in combination with lecithin cholesterol levels decreased by 25-20%, with the appointment of only LECITHIN cholesterol levels decreased by 10-15% (which is very effective for dietary supplements). Complete data in lipid metabolism will be obtained after 7-8 months.
Benefits LECITHIN as a dietary supplement, compared to chemotherapy, the following:
- No side effects. For example, statins can cause dyspepsia, increased more than three times the activity of transaminases, myalgia, increased sedimentation rate, thrombocytopenia, eosinophilia, fever.
- Ability to use dietary supplements without LECITHIN control liver samples, uric acid.
- Positive influence of dietary supplements LECITHIN on the nervous system (the body of the lecithin produced substances that improve over the brain processes associated with memory, which worsens in old age).
- Relative monetary savings in patients with buying it, compared with the acquisition of chemotherapy.
In the treatment of patients with essential hypertension were used biologically active additives BP FORMULA And Good Night.
It is known that in the treatment of this disease are also important normalization of work and rest, sleep. To normalize the sleep medication used Good Night, 1-2 capsules 30 minutes before bedtime. Patients tolerated the drug well, caused a restful sleep in the morning, there were no unpleasant feelings associated with taking sleeping pills. Benefits of Good Night, compared with some sedative and hypnotic drugs: absence of side effects, ease of use.
For the normalization of blood pressure (BP) of hypertensive patients in stage I was prescribed a drug BP Formula, 1 tablet 2 times a day during meals.
Use of this drug in these cases is due to the content therein hawthorn, potassium, magnesium, lipoic acid, garlic extract, coenzyme Q10, bear ears, vitamins C and E. At a reception this additive improves the overall condition of the patients returned to normal blood pressure.
The drug company BP FORMULA Artlife has no side effects and has a mild vasodilator action - no sharp pressure drops.