Hypertensive heart disease and diabetes - a disease of 21 centuries.

IV Shcherbakova, Medical Center CJSC Sibintegra, Tomsk
Hypertensive heart disease and diabetes - are among the most common diseases that are often encountered in their practice medical practitioners. In the city of Tomsk in every fourth family is the patient with essential hypertension and, as a rule, not one, given the genetic predisposition to the disease. Hypertensive heart disease refers to diseases that are called "silent killers". In early disease, when a person is concerned about a moderate headache, mild dizziness rare, many have not been focusing its attention on these symptoms and, as a rule, treatment begins after 5-8 years of onset. But, unfortunately, 5-8 years is sufficient for the development of hypertrophy of the left ventricle of the heart, and this is a high risk of severe complications such as myocardial infarction. In addition, due to high blood pressure overload is a rapid progression of atherosclerosis, the lumen of blood vessels has been steadily shrinking, which naturally leads to disruption of blood flow and supply the heart muscle. 
Progression of atherosclerosis and contributes to our poor nutrition (abuse of saturated fats, foods with high cholesterol), presence of harmful habits, including smoking, which is easily damaged inner walls of blood vessels, the site of injury are often formed atherosclerotic plaques, it all adds blood flow disturbance. It should be noted that patients would not be virtually no complaints, yet the vessel did not block the atherosclerotic plaque by 50%. Complaints will appear when the manifestations of atherosclerosis will be expressed and to complications remain one step. That is why the disease is called the "silent killer".
Second, no less terrible disease, which is called an epidemic of the XXI century - is diabetes mellitus (second type). To date, the world's diabetes affects about 100 million people, in Russia, 5% of the population susceptible to this disease. After 10 years it is expected that the world will get sick with diabetes mellitus 250 million. Diabetes - a disease that develops after age 40, runs slowly, for years, often these patients have an increased body mass. What is the reason for such a "galloping" propagation of the disease? She once again lies in our diet. After more than 200 years ago people used, for example, only 5-6 kg of sugar per year, today the figure is 50-60 kg, while drastically reducing consumption of dietary fiber, fiber. But for 200 years of human evolution - it's just a moment, and your body simply is not suited to use this amount of sugar. We are constantly overextend insular apparatus of the pancreas. Insulin is produced by the gland can not work in the muscle cell due to a genetic defect. All the insulin begins to act on the fat cells, in which all is absorbed, broken lipid metabolism, produced a huge amount of endogenous fat. That is why patients with diabetes of the second type tend to have higher body mass and muscular weakness. Atherosclerosis in these individuals develops in 3-4 times faster as a result of metabolic fat. In fact, in the body of the people creates ideal conditions for the progression of atherosclerosis at a rapid pace, resulting in diabetes leads to more complications in lesions of small vessels is disturbed nutrition eye, kidney, nerve endings, with the defeat of the large vessels develops angina pectoris, intermittent claudication, there is risk of acute myocardial infarction and stroke. Very often we see patients who have a combination of these diseases - diabetes and hypertension.
So, what should be done to prevent complications? First, of course, to treat these diseases with the appointment of antihypertensive drugs or medications, correcting blood sugar. However, if you are overweight, and the numbers are not very high pressure, for pressure correction is enough to reduce the body weight of 10-20 kg (if the person receives 3.2 of antihypertensive drugs, reduction in body weight of 10 kg would abandon one of them) . For correction of blood sugar is also sometimes lack the usual diet with the exception of legkousvaivaemyh carbohydrates. In addition, great importance is the normalization of body weight.
To prevent complications need to take the following steps:
1) Correction of body weight;
2) control of hypercholesterolemia;
3) stress management;
4) the rejection of bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse);
5) the fight against physical inactivity.
To solve these problems by ART LIFE (Tomsk), developed and produced biologically active food additives (BAA), based on vegetable raw materials, which have no side effects and contraindications.
So, for the correction of body weight using a complex of two dietary supplements: a cocktail PINOTEL IDEAL and METABOLAYN 2. These drugs are suitable patients who use the reduced diet for the normalization of body weight, resulting in their reduced intake of nutrients that make up these drugs. In addition, they increase the basal metabolic rate, activate lipolysis have choleretic and diuretic effect, normalize carbohydrate metabolism, lower cholesterol and triglycerides.
The next group of products of ART LIFE recommended to normalize cholesterol metabolism in the body. This LECITHIN, consisting of a mixture of phospholipids, ESSENTSIAL OIL, consisting of polyunsaturated fatty acids derived from the Greenland salmon by cold treatment and stabilized against oxidation by vitamin E. The sufficient supply in the body of polyunsaturated fatty acids are synthesized prostaglandins special substances that reduce blood viscosity, remove pain may reduce the inflammatory reactions in the body.
BAD ART LIFE TOKSFAYTER - a highly enterosorbent on the basis of dietary fiber with enzymes and herbal complex. Sorbing components of the drug form a powerful molecular sieve, which adsorbs poisons, toxins, bacteria, cholesterol, bilirubin, urea, bile acids, salts of heavy metals.
Another group of BAD ART LIFE - are drugs that help the body cope with stress. Good Night has a calming effect on the central nervous system, relieves emotional stress, improves sleep quality, normalize its duration. The composition of his is an interesting component, like melatonin, which has a cardioprotective effect: it normalizes blood pressure, regulate tone of brain vessels, preventing the development of ischemic stroke, and normalizes the rhythm of the heart, reduces platelet aggregation and oxidation of lipids, thus reducing the risk development of atherosclerosis. The composition of phytocomplex Good Night introduced well-established in medical practice plants: hops, passionflower, chamomile, skull-cap, valerian, peppermint.
Excellent sedative effect has NEYROSTABIL BAA, which is composed motherwort, peony root, hops, marjoram, willow, B vitamins, biotin. Applied drug day. He does not have widespread effects.
In addition, a drug GLYUKOSIL for patients with mild diabetes of the second type, helps to prevent the development of vascular complications. To support the work of the heart and brain recommended BP FORMULA, which consists of hawthorn extract, salt, potassium, magnesium, chromium, garlic extract, etc. The drug has a mild vasodilator effect, a beneficial effect on the water and salt, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.
And another drug that improves blood flow mainly in the vessels of the brain, improves nutrition of nervous tissue and, consequently, helps to improve memory, reduce headaches caused by spasms of blood vessels - BAA NEYROSTRONG. Indications for use of this drug are extensive: pathology of the cardiovascular system, atherosclerosis, stroke, speech disorder of attention, memory, etc.
Thus, prompt treatment of diseases and prevention of complications - this is the way to longevity. Can not be crazy to spend their health.
In health, as the insurance company, you need every month is something to invest, maintain it, and only then will result. We each has its own principles and possibilities, but one goal - the preservation of health.
Health - this is the peak, which everyone should conquer himself.