Treatment of patients with viral hepatitis by using dietary supplements ART LIFE.

VE MARKETS, GA Shchelkovsky, AA MONASTYRSKY, SI Nikonov OI Zubarev, TG Polyakova, Department of Infectious Diseases epidemiology VGMA, 12 th Clinical Hospital.
In viral hepatitis (SH), irrespective of their etiology, there are many common pathological processes in the body of patients. The liver naturally affected hepatocytes: development of various types of degeneration, up to necrobiosis, disturbed membrane permeability in interstitial tissue appear infiltrative-proliferative processes in the biliary system is disturbed bile outflow (up to express cholestasis).
If patients use alcohol or drugs, then the accumulated fat in hepatocytes (steatosis). All of these changes we have been found by liver biopsy.
In Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital for testing the efficacy of biologically active food additives (BAA firm ARTLIFE) in viral hepatitis (including the phase of the disease, complications, outcomes, and comorbidities) were selected following products:
to stabilize the cell membranes of hepatocytes was successfully used TOKSFAYTER Supplements, Lecithin, BP FORMULA, cat's claw, HEPAR Formula.
Normalization zhelchetoka, protivoholestatichesky effect was achieved with the help of drugs GREEN STAR LECITHIN, BP FORMULA.
Studies have shown that the SH always occurs unbalance the immune system. Most often reduced content of T-helper cells, and, consequently, the immunoregulatory index.
Immunocorrecting therapy was performed using dietary supplements Cat's Claw, Super Shield, Green Star.
In diseases of infectious and noninfectious nature is currently in therapeutic range includes antioxidants.
For the latter apply Green Star, Cat's Claw, Super Shield.
Hypoxia is a major pathogenic factor for hepatocytes, oppose her Green Star, NEYROSTRONG.
Reliably established that the development of dysbiosis in the intestine in patients with viral hepatitis exacerbates the severity of their flow. Resolve this problem assist Supplements TOKSFAYTER, GREEN STAR COMPLEX ENZYME PLUS.
Treatment of patients with acute viral hepatitis "A", "B", "C" in the midst of illness and convalescence period was a combination of different drugs in the treatment of disease.
Given the positive preliminary results of our observations on the use of dietary supplements in the treatment of WG can recommend widespread use of these agents of the Russian company ARTLIFE in various forms of viral hepatitis in the light period of the disease, the manifestation of gastrointestinal symptoms, complications and outcomes.
In the treatment of SH in the near future should occupy an important place, and take dietary supplements, as evidenced by our experience of clinical trials.