Experience of using dietary supplements company ART LIFE in diseases of the thyroid gland.

R. Galimov, endocrinologist, Kazan with a biologically active food additives (BAA) has worked for over 5 years. Since February 2000, work only with products of ART LIFE .
Possible to achieve unique results in patients with different pathologies. Patients are individually designed program of recovery, taking into account existing or previously transferred diseases. When compiling programs using almost the entire range of dietary supplements company.
Gradual recovery program designed for at least 3-6 months with monthly two or three or more different additives. In drawing up the program aims three objectives:
- Cleansing of the body (cells, intestines, blood vessels, liver, limfosistema);
- The elimination of micronutrient deficiencies, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids in the body through to fill them;
- Functional recovery of the affected organ or organ system.
When you turn on BAA in the complex treatment of traditional medicines, as well as the application alone, dietary supplements, there is a high efficiency of treatment. There are many examples of restoring the health of patients with advanced forms of dysbiosis, liver and digestive organs, vascular lesions, etc., but to me as a practicing endocrinologist increasingly turning patients with diseases of the thyroid and other endocrine disorders. 
Will focus on program improvement of patients with the disease of goitre. All patients before and after taking supplements after 3 months in order to control studies are goiter: thyroid ultrasound, hormones - T4, TSH, antibodies to thyroglobulin, computer tireostsintigrafiya. For the patients underwent dynamic observation with turnout for a visit every month. Patients are recommended the following regimen: beta-carotene - on 1 gel in the morning, for 3 months; COMPLEX WITH VITAMIN "C" - 1 tablet day for 3 months; Vitamin E - 1 gel in the evening, in the within 3 months.
On the background of vitamin therapy in 14 days (2 weeks) connects immunomodulator SUPER Shield 1 capsule 2 times a day, 30 days. After him enzyme complex plus 1 tablet 2 times a day, for 1 hour before meals.
In the presence of comorbidity, except for thyroid disease, in the scheme included other dietary supplements. This scheme is effective in various diseases goiter: hypothyroidism, subacute strumitis, autoimmune tireodit (AIT), LIT, in various forms: nodular, multinodular form (mixed crop) with varying degrees of hyperplasia (II, III and even IV). The same scheme is proposed for patients with diffuse toxic goiter (DTG) with hyperthyroidism in conjunction with treatment thyreostatics (merkazolil, tyrosol) without laminarin.
Since February 2000, the scheme on my recommendation, took 63 patients are women of different age groups from 14 to 83 years, with varying disease duration: from 2 months to 24 years and various clinical manifestations in a state of hyper-, gipoeutireoidnoy function. Of these laboratory-proven nosology: toxic goiter - 4 people, hypothyroidism - 8 people, subacute strumitis - 3 persons, autoimmune thyroiditis in different manifestations - 37 people and 11 people - nodular goiter W-1U degree of unknown etiology in eutireoidnom state. Among all patients with Hashimoto's thyroiditis with nodular, multinodular goiter, and mixed form. Palpable in the density - density dervyanistaya Thyroid Tissue - all patients surgeons urged surgery.
After conducting recreational programs dietary supplements under the scheme after 2-3 months, 59 people made a good clinical effect:
- Reduced size of the thyroid gland by 2 / 3;
- Decreased or disappeared nodes;
- Almost all noted subjective improvement of well-being:
- Decreased or disappeared complaints edematous syndrome, a feeling of pressure and a lump in my throat, hair loss, dry skin, drowsiness, increased vigor and activity;
- According to laboratory data returned to normal levels of hormones in the blood, decreased antibody titer to thyroglobulin:
- Stabilized cholesterol;
- Returned to normal body temperature;
- The results of ultrasound observed decrease in the size of goiter and the disappearance of nodes;
- In almost all cases, palpation dervyanistaya density of thyroid tissue after 1-2 months from the beginning of SBC softened and became tugoelastichnoy or testovatoy consistency.
Four people were due to lack of efficacy were operated on, in all cases histologically confirmed follicular thyroid cancer in a thick-walled capsule without germination and metastasis. All operated patients noted rapid postoperative wound healing without adhesions and scarring and subjective well-being.
I believe that this program of improvement can be accepted for service and is recommended by virtually all patients with thyroid diseases of different genesis.