Report on the use of supplements GLYUKOSIL firms ART LIFE.

LE Petrova, NV Chukov, Regional Hospital, (TB Branch), Tomsk
1.Tsel and objectives of the study:
1.1. Purpose: to assess the effectiveness of biologically active food supplement GLYUKOSIL (production company ART LIFE) as a means to optimize the carbohydrate-fat metabolism, lowers blood glucose levels.
1.2.Zadachi: study the effect of dietary supplements to improve the function of the pancreas, the stabilization of blood glucose levels, reduction of hypercholesterolemia, increase the overall resistance of the organism.
2.Materialy and methods:
2.1.Preparat GLYUKOSIL was appointed as biologically active food additive (BAA), 13 patients of both sexes aged 26 to 57 years. Patients were divided into groups: first group (6 people).: Patients with a history of clinical signs (symptoms) of diabetes of varying severity and different degrees of compensation (thirst, dry mouth, frequent urination, increased appetite). Three patients received insulin by 16-20 units. regular insulin per day, and Su-insulin (12 units).. Three patients with diabetes mellitus type II with taking glibenclamide (up to 3-4 pills a day) and glyurenorma (up to 4 tablets). One patient had frequent hypoglycemic coma.
Second group: 3 persons in a state of pre-diabetes who have had recurrent complaints of thirst, dry mouth, weakness, and the study of blood sugar fluctuations were from 5,6-5,8 to 6,6-7,0. No hypoglycemic agents did not accept, abide by diet alone. One patient blood pressure (BP) was stable (150-180 mm Hg / cm.).
The third group of patients was presented four patients with a history of chronic gepatopankreatit with periodic exacerbations, and one patient after surgery - the partial pancreatectomy for gastric cancer. All patients had complaints of recurrent pain in the left upper quadrant after the error in the food, flatulence, rumbling gut, pain in the navel, an unstable chair.
2.2. Laboratory indicators to use dietary supplements
2.2.1. In the blood biochemical analysis of the first group of patients had increased numbers of blood sugar from 9,8-11,8; 12,2-15,6 to 28 mg / dL. At the same amount of cholesterol was 8.8 (6.6 M). Two patients had elevated numbers of blood amylase to 48 and 56 units. and urinary diastase to 18-24 units., 6 patients had an increased thymol from 4 to 11.6 units., sublimate samples from 2,2-4,4 units. Blood sugar control was implemented during the first Delhi is not a time in 3 days, then 1 times a week.
2.2.3. In general blood test in 5 patients had elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate of 28 to 56 mm / h, leukocytosis from 7.8 to 12.6, decreased lymphocytes from 11 to 17%, eosinophilia - 4-8% in the general analysis of urine in only 2 patients had appearance of glucose from 0,5 to 1%, increased white blood cell count to 20 in p / view single red blood cells.
2.2.4. On ECG in 7 patients had diffuse and metabolitic change infarction in one - cicatrices antero-septal area with signs of overload. 
2.2.5. 5 patients in immunological parameters showed an increase TsIKov from 140 to 210; decrease in the total number of lymphocytes, an increase of T-suppressors.
3. Results: Biologically active food supplements GLYUKOSIL patients take 1-2 tabtki 3 times a day to 20-30 minutes before eating, drinking 1 / 2 cup water. Course hours ranged from 1 to 1.5 months.
As a result of the observation was reported side-effects of the drug. All patients noted that after 1-2 weeks of initiation of the symptoms disappeared "GI" discomfort: abdominal bloating, rumbling, pain in the navel, normalized stool, which affected the general condition of patients - improved mood disappeared weakness, especially in patients from the third group.
Almost did not become necessary in the use of enzyme preparations. Normalized amount of amylase in the blood. Figures sugar in patients with prediabetes stabilized 4,7-5,7-6,0, virtually no thirst and dry mouth. One woman dropped the weight by 3 kg, appeared cheerful, increased work capacity, activity.
Patients of the first group receiving insulin after 2 weeks of not noted large fluctuations in blood sugar (12,2-15,6 not above). Phenomena of hypoglycemic coma in patients receiving the drug was not even once. In the analysis of urine glycosuria have been noted. Purely clinically observed improvement of the general status of patients: to reduce fatigue, discomfort, were faintly expressed in the symptoms of diabetes disappeared, dry mouth, thirst is almost not observed. One patient got better memory, improved vision, blood pressure returned to normal. Two patients had improved appetite, though had to diet.
In the biochemical analysis of three patients remained elevated thymol turbidity test up to 4 units., Sublimate to 2 units. In the analysis of urine there was no change.
Conclusion BAA ARTLIFE GLYUKOSIL should be encouraged such as:
1.Vspomogatelnoe agent in patients receiving antidiabetic agents in patients with diabetes mellitus type I and II.
2.Bolnym who have diabetes or prediabetes skrytoprotekayuschy against skorregirovannoy diet.
3.Pri states, accompanied by increased levels of blood cholesterol (obese).
4.Preparat to prevent various complications of diabetes (retinopathy, encephalopathy, vascular disorders.