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Biologically active additive PULMOKLINZ firm LIFE ART in acute pneumonia in children.

K.YU, Bezrukov, State Medical Academy, Chita
The problem of therapy of acute pneumonia in children are most relevant in today's Pediatrics.
In the present work was to study the clinical effects of biologically active food additives (BAA) PULMOKLINZ (production company ART LIFE ) in acute pneumonia in children of preschool and primary school age who are hospitalized. Diagnosed on the basis of clinical, laboratory and instrumental examination with mandatory radiographic confirmation. All under the supervision of children consisted of 78 patients, 32 of which in addition to conventional therapy (antibiotic, symptomatic, physiotherapy) received PULMOKLINZ 1 tablet 3 times daily for 10 days. The control group consisted of 46 children who received only conventional therapy. Patients comparison groups were not significant differences by gender, age, severity of disease. As shown by clinical studies in acute pneumonia in patients receiving additional therapy in PULMOKLINZ, quickly normalize the febrile reaction, disappeared intoxication symptoms, local changes in the form of wheezing in the lungs occurs the elimination of foci in X-ray examination. But the most significant impact was noted on the product nature of cough, which since the early days became softer and better coughed, and pain in the lungs, were eliminated on the first-two days of use of dietary supplements. Moreover, the improvement noted in both uncomplicated and complicated forms of the disease.
Previously it was shown that in acute pneumonia in children vary considerably processes of antioxidant defense and lipid peroxidation in the lymphocytes, which contributes to damage of cell membranes. Violation of membrane interactions provokes not only decrease the nonspecific defense factors, but also the failure of the immune response. Use in the treatment of dietary supplements PULMOKLINZ led to activation of the enzymatic antioxidant defenses. After treatment the product core activity of antioxidant enzymes - superoxide dismutase - increased significantly, reaching almost the level of healthy children.
The use of dietary supplements ART LIFE PULMOKLINZ also led to an increase in functional activity in blood lymphocytes of NBT-test.
The use of dietary supplements can reduce treatment antibacterial agents, reduces the length of hospitalization of patients.

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