Supplements of ART LIFE in diseases of urinary system

LV Moves, Vladivostok
1. Bioadditive food (BAA) RENSEPT prescribed to patients with a diagnosis of chronic pyelonephritis (acute stage), acute pyelonephritis.
Within six months, 60 patients received dietary supplements. Effectiveness of the use of supplements is noted for 3-5 days: leucocyturia disappears, stopped by pain, there is a good diuretic effect. On average, for 5-7 days reduced temporary disability of patients. RENSEPT given to patients and how litolitichesky fitopreparation to dissolve uric acid concretions. 12 patients used supplements RENSEPT with a diagnosis of urolithiasis (ICD) small concretions middle third of the ureter, ICD small concretions pelvis.
Receiving BAA lasted 2-3 months at a dose of 1 tablet 3 times a day. Litolitichesky effect was noted on ultrasound examination in a dynamic, microliths retreated with trace elements of urine.
2. Biologically active food supplement FORMULA MEN assign patients with a diagnosis of chronic prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) I, II stages. Month course of SBC were 40 patients.
Symptoms of exacerbation of the process were stopped for 4-6 days of treatment. Improved flow of urine, decreased urination, pain in the perineum were stopped in the lumbar region. Residual urine decreased almost in 2 times for up examination by ultrasound of the prostate.
The course of treatment was administered for 30 days and 1 tablet 2 times a day, combined with bio-additives Vitamin E and beta carotene.
Thus, biologically active food additives and RENSEPT FORMULA MEN (produced by ARTLIFE ) can be widely recommended in urological practice as an effective means of primary and secondary prevention of common urological diseases, as well as a means to the treatment of these diseases.