The use of dietary supplements company ART LIFE in the treatment of urolithiasis.

LV Hodova urologist PKDTS 
Company ARTLIFE working on the Russian market for more than five years, and today is the biggest leader in Russia in the development, implementation and production of biologically active food additives (BAA).
I offer experience in the use of certain drugs in the treatment of urolithiasis (IBC) litolitic purpose. ICD patients constitute 30-40% of the entire cohort of patients with urological, and is dominated by mostly male patients. ICD - is a result of metabolic disorders. On the structure of most concretions are mixed in their composition. The structure concrement usually there are several inorganic compounds, and the predominance of one of them can speak about the composition of concrement (oxalate, calcium phosphate, lithate, cystine stones and rare cholesterol stones). 
Most often my patients revealed oxalate and phosphate. Was investigated by a group of patients of 40 persons who were found concretions in the renal pelvis the size of 0,7-1,5 cm in diameter. Diagnosis is confirmed by the results of ultrasonography and urography.
Patients received treatment with a dietary supplement RENSEPT, which contains the main litolitichesky components: the fruit of juniper and cranberry extract.
RENSEPT recommended dosage of 1 tablet 3 times daily before meals rate from 30 to 90 days in combination with mineral water source "Gornovodny" a dose of 100 g 3 times a day. This complex regulates the treatment of fluid and electrolyte balance, as a supplier of potassium ions, and pH of urine.
In 18 patients after the treatment 1,5-2 months after starting treatment on ultrasound was a decrease konkrementov twice stopped renal colic, in the analysis of urine disappeared hematuria, proteinuria. In 12 patients during treatment with plenty of coarse sand is moving away, sometimes accompanied by renal colic. Then the patients were prescribed antispasmodics and analgesics, who were filming episodes of renal colic.
In 10 patients litolitic effect was accompanied by worsening of calculous pyelonephritis. This group of patients received antibiotics and uroantiseptiki. 
Thus, the use of dietary supplements RENSEPT is an affordable and effective methods of conservative therapy litolitic with this disease, as urolithiasis.