Effect of dietary supplements Kaltsimaks on health.

SI Mata, GD Tereshchenko, ML. VINOGRADOVA Research Center for prophylactic and therapeutic feeding TyumNTs SB RAMS, Tyumen
The role of biologically active substances (BAS) in the life of the human body is multifaceted and is great in all its ages. At present we know that without the use of BAC is almost impossible to organize rationally balanced diet, which is the main determinant of human health. In recent years a great variety of complex biologically active additives (BAA). One of these complexes is Kaltsimaks production company ART LIFE (Tomsk).
A comprehensive dietary supplement Kaltsimaks packaged in capsules of 0.5 g packed in a well-shaped, water-resistant bottles. One capsule contains:
- Calcium Hydroxyapatite 200 mg (13,3% of the optimal daily requirement for adults) (now - 350 mg);
- Magnesium (chelate form) 100 mg (13,3% of normal);
- Zinc (citrate) 1.5 mg (10% of normal);
- Manganese (citrate) 0.8 mg (20% of normal);
- Silicon 8 mg (30% of normal);
- Boron (glycerate), 0.5 mg (according to different authors, from 10 to 20% of normal);
- Chromium 8.5 mg (10.6% of normal);
- Vitamin C 50 mg (10-20% of normal);
- Vitamin B 64 IU (10-13% of normal);
- Chondroitin Sulfate 66 mg, in a given quantity is contained within the 3-4 mg of silicon. Consequently, the total silicon content in the complex Kaltsimaks average about 45% of the optimal rate for an adult.
With years of experience in the prevention of rickets in children and osteoporosis in older people (an appointment with the 2 nd month of life by 2-4 drops of 0.0625% oil solution of vitamin D2 1 time per day while taking dairy products), we decided to test the optimal effect Kaltsimaks on the bone tissue of the human body.
The most accessible and accurate method for assessing the optimality of adequate supply of calcium and silicon is the growth and condition of teeth, hair and nails.
Under our supervision there were 19 people who took Kaltsimaks. Of these, 12 children aged 11-12 months and 7 women aged 56-68 years.
The control group consisted of 137 children who were under our supervision in different years, which from the 2 nd month of life in the summer got to 2, and in winter by 3-4 drops of 0.0652% solution of vitamin D2 1 time per day, t . e. 500-600 thousand IU per year.
All children Kaltsimaks was appointed precinct pediatricians from the 4 th month of life 0,5 capsule 1 time a day with milk, and women to take 2 capsules per day from dairy products.
It was stated that out of 12 children in 5 (41,7%) by the year of their lives erupted on 4 teeth in 4 (33.3%) - 5-6 teeth and in 3 (25%) - about 7-8 teeth , whereas the control children in this age was already in 14-22 tooth. Having identified a significant backlog growth of teeth in children who took Kaltsimaks, we recommended that parents give their children: 1 capsule a day specified in the milk with added supplements to milk 2-3 drops of oil solution of vitamin D2. After 2 months of reception Kaltsimaks with the addition of milk or cheese vitamin D2 in all 12 children noted the simultaneous eruption of not one, but by 2-4 teeth.
Women who took Kaltsimaks, observed an endocrinologist with excess blood sugar and take diabeton. Three of them are fasting blood sugar was 5,4-6,0 mmol / l, while the four men - 6,2-6,4 mg / dL. After 10-14 months of regular use of dietary supplements, four women, after breakfast, before which they have always taken diabeton, began to celebrate the sharp deterioration in health. There were hot flushes, headache, sensation of palpitations, increased blood pressure (BP) to 140/70-160/85 rt. mm / st. At the control fasting blood sugar in 4 women is registered within 3,6-4,8 mmol / l, while the 3 - 5,2-5,6 mmol / l, which apparently indicates the effect of supplements on the regulation carbohydrate metabolism. It is known that chromium works with insulin to process glucose metabolism in tissues, and also participates in the structure and function of nucleic acids. This assumption needs further in-depth study on a large number of observations, since the content of chromium in dietary supplements does not exceed 13,7% of the best content in the diet. Chromium is absorbed in the jejunum. The normal process of digestion does not exceed 0.4-0,7% of the amount received from food, and only in diabetes, it can be 3 times more [AP Avtsyn et al., 1991].
Our results of BAA ART LIFE Kaltsimaks as a means for the prevention of osteoporosis indicate that this supplement does not contribute to the growth of teeth in children. This is explained by inadequate dose of vitamin D2, as contained in the the complex. Besides competitive hinder calcium absorption magnesium and boron. The latter promotes the absorption of magnesium. Zinc forms insoluble complexes with calcium and silicon is only in this complex apart from the competition. Silicon is the basis of bone and cartilage tissue, increasing its strength. 
Consequently, with an additional dose of vitamin D, Kaltsimaks can be widely used as biologically active food supplement that improves the exchange of silicon, magnesium, chromium and calcium.