BAD ART LIFE in the complex treatment of destructive diseases of the musculoskeletal system

VS Lapinsky, MD, professor, academician of the MAI, AA ALE, MD, academician of the MAI, the chief doctor of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine (Orthopaedic Hospital), Krasnoyarsk State Medical Academy, Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Krasnoyarsk Abstracts
Increased life expectancy is one of the reasons for the increasing number of patients with degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Leading to the named diseases are the major supporting joints. Enough to stop only at the hip joint to assess the seriousness of the problem. The growing number of patients with destructive lesions of the hip joint is directly related to the patient's age and ranges from 0.6 per 10000 population aged 30-39 years to 4.3 per 10000 in the age of 60.
Serious problem in the curative and preventive plan is widespread in our time, a systemic disease - osteoporosis. According to WHO, it ranks fourth among non-communicable diseases (disease after cardiovascular system, cancer and diabetes). In the next few years the expected increase in the number of patients with osteoporosis will increase the cost of treating its complications, such as: fractures of the femoral neck, forearm and senile fractures of the spine - in 2 times. Fuzzy clinic for osteoporosis at its initial stage, the similarity of it with osteochondrosis difficult diagnosis and, therefore, according to Griffin J. And Robinson R. (1990), many practitioners had "never met osteoporosis as a disease."
Until now, there are cases of ignoring connection fractures in the elderly, the instability of the implants on the background of osteoporosis, the disease itself. The reason for this undoubtedly lies in the low awareness of how health professionals and the public. Increases with age and the number of people suffering from osteoporosis.
According Priorov. NN Priorov, 47% of patients with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are diagnosed at the same time. This is despite the fact that modern Orthopaedics offers a wide range of preventive, conservative treatment as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.
The era of arthroplasty in conjunction with good created a new problem in orthopedics, called "stress remodeling, reflecting the reaction of bone to implant (endoprosthesis). The essence of this reaction is to increase the intensity of bone resorption in the early postoperative period and is one of the parties to the process of bone adaptation to new functional conditions. Unfortunately, this prolonged period of bone resorption causes further instability of the endoprosthesis and time limits of the functional life of the implant and joint replacement in general.
Once satisfied arthroplasty, triggers conflict-implant bone. The task of a specialist podiatrist is to weaken this mechanism to "soften" the process of resorption, to accelerate and intensify the function osteoplastic cells and thus ensure the stability of the implant into the bone. In any clinical situation, called an orthopedic trauma faced with the need to restore and maintain the electrolyte balance in the osteo-articular system as the basis for the maintenance and activation of bone formation and functionality of supporting tissues. Currently, it is possible through targeted, timely, properly selected and clinically sound combination of dietary supplements.
For example, it is extremely important to maintain a balance between phosphorus and calcium, between calcium and magnesium, to maintain the desired ratio of calcium to boron and silicon, which will ensure the normal process of mineralization of the forming callus.
To solve this problem helps to biologically active food additive (BAA) Kaltsimaks.
Destructive process in the cartilage coating the ends of joints can be contained and thereby extend the anatomical and functional life of the joints, using chondroprotectors.
And in this case draws attention to a dietary supplement, as the Joint Flex, which is a complex mucopolysaccharides.
The effect of this dietary supplement is not only a chondroprotective, but also anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immunokorrektornoe, not to mention the content of hydroxyapatite in it as the closest "relative" bone. It would be improper to engage in describing characteristics of the entire production company ART LIFE and thus invade a range of issues.
In the past five years, the traditional treatment regimen for patients with diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, we began to include biologically active additives osteoprotektornogo and chondroprotective plans.
Analyzing Ingredient composition, quality, price, effectiveness and impact of drugs of a similar plan offered in the market dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals, we chose the company's products ART LIFE. All the patients who had undergone hip replacement, the postoperative appointed both drugs (Joint Flex and Kaltsimaks). 
Results of the last two years show that, of more than 200 patients who underwent arthroplasty, only 2.7% of the cases observed over a long phase of resorption of bone remodeling under stress and the appearance of instability of the endoprosthesis.
The aim of this work is necessary, first of all, to focus practitioners on specific problems in traumatology and orthopedics in need of an integrated approach to prevention and treatment of orthopedic diseases and trauma, direct trauma specialists and orthopedists to the information products the company ART LIFE , from which You can get detailed answers to specific questions, up to about administration schemes for BAA. A rough they are, because often the specific clinical situation may dictate the need for correction of the proposed scheme, and this correction makes himself an expert directly.
Among practitioners there is still far from one relationship to dietary supplements, from the uncontrolled use to an absolute rejection. It should be noted that, both unacceptable. It is high time to get away from prejudice to dietary supplements and more widely, and correctly use them in everyday practice.